JOEGEMLARGS GERMAN ENG. & CONSULTING LTD (JOGEC Limited) is a newly incorporated Limited Liability Company set up to provide procurement services which is a one-stop mall for industrial and automotive parts in Nigeria, Engineering services and Consulting.

The company is poised to be the No 1 ‘’Industrial and Automotive Spares Mall (Supermarket)” in Nigeria with a reputation in Consulting.

There is a huge gap now in the country in the Industrial Sector as far as genuine and durable spares are concerned. There will be a continual increase in demand for spare parts in all sectors (Automotive, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Construction and Oil & Gas etc) to support the operations of local production.

JOGEC Limited will partner with major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for equipment / replacement spares for machinery within the manufacturing industries, the Heavy Duty or Heavy Equipment spares and Automotive industries; Technical Partners in the Consulting, Engineering and Major Buying Houses across the globe.


 (a) Industrial Spares

The industrial spares cover:

      1. Power transmission systems and spares
      2. Fluid power systems and spares
      3. Automation process systems, Control systems and spares
      4. Special OEM After Market spares
      5. Maintenance products & Plastic pallets

    The example for power transmission systems and spares are machinery spares like bearings, linear guides with SKF as the OEM brand, the spares are not limited to this brand but to mention a few.

    (b) Automotive Spares

    The automotive spares cover all automobile spares and some specific Brands i.e. SKF Vehicle Aftermarket, ZF Automotive products and Brands represented by IKA – Germany; one of our Technical partners for the Auto mechanical spares e.g. Alternators, Brushes for the GEBE Brands, electrical spares, electronics and mechatronic spares etc. The automotive spares to be provided cuts across:

      1. Cars: The cars are of no particular brands. This would involve the provision of standard spares which are universal and can fit into any car type and model.
      2. Buses: The spares shall cover commercial buses and non commercial buses. The spares cuts across all areas but focus would be on the fast moving regular items and support shall be provided for some special items based on need and expected turnover over a period.
      3. Trailers and Trucks: The regular spares shall be provided and no restriction or limitation to Brands as standard items shall be the focus and support shall be provided for special items when the need arises based on market demand.


  1. (c) Heavy Duty spares or Heavy Equipment sparesThe heavy duty industry requires the right know – how to keep the industry operations. We shall seek to represent several brands within the sector and provide adequate spares support to the relevant organizations. The Construction industry, Oil and Gas industry and some other special heavy duty applications areas shall be the focus. The provision of spares for onshore and offshore based applications, the partnership with OEMs for special projects shall be given adequate priority.ENGINEERING SERVICESThe company shall provide broad engineering services covering:
          1. TRAINING

        Trainings for the manufacturing industries based on some specialized needs, i.e. production management: process industries, i.e. lean management and process optimization.


      The service offering would involve:

      1. The setting up of a Workstation that shall cater for Hydraulic related machinery, industrial spares, pumps and electrical spares / rewinding of electric motors etc.
      2. The set up of a standard automotive service station that shall encompass all aspects of maintenance with no restriction to customer class.




      The other part of the service is the consulting arm of the business. This shall be based on the vision of the company to provide innovative solutions to companies based on new breakthrough technique. JOEGEMLARGS shall in partnership with International Consulting companies cutting across Germany, France, Holland, the entire Europe, the USA and some other nations as the need arises to provide or develop homegrown innovative solutions to the industrial needs in Nigeria.