Joegemlargs German Eng. & Consulting Ltd undertakes the core function of procurement services to provide industrial spares and maintenance repair operations (MRO) to all sectors of industries especially the manufacturing industries.  This involves the process of finding the spares, agreeing to manufacturer terms, acquiring same at best prices, time, quality, quantity and delivery location.

The procurement service is a major aspect of our business activities and it’s subdivided into sectors for ease of management.


This covers all machinery related spares for manufacturing industries cutting across process industries, Food processing, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical, Plastic industries, Mining /Drilling, Oil & Gas, Agro –Allied, Pulp & paper and Metal processing.

This is categorized into:

    1. Power transmission systems and spares
    2. Fluid power systems and spares
    3. Automation process systems, Control systems and spares
    4. Special OEM After Market sparesMaintenance products & Plastic pallets



The Automobile industry is very broad and to successfully cater for the growing demand for genuine spares and ready availability; we set up strategic relationship with OEMs that provide spares and components to service the Auto Manufacturers.

The Automotive spares cut across

  • CARS: The cars are of no particular brands, this would involve the provision of standard spares which are universal and can fit into any car type and model.
  • BUSES: The spares shall cover commercial buses and non commercial buses. The focus shall be on the fast moving regular items and support shall be provided for some special items based on need and expected turnover over a period.
  • TRAILERS and TRUCKS: The regular spares shall be provided and no restriction or limitation to Brands as standard items shall be the focus and support shall be provided for special items when the need arises based on market demand.

The spares are categorized into:

  • Wheel End products

(Wheel bearings and hub units with integrated ABS – sensors)

  • Engine products

(Belts and metal parts for timing, auxiliary and cooling systems)

  • Driveline Products

(CV-joints, driveshafts and boot kits)

  • Suspension products

(Top mount, strut, suspension arm kits)

  • Tools and lubrication products

(Fitting tools, bearing grease and anti-fret paste)

  • Pulleys
  • Protection covers
  • Automotive Electronics and Accessories
  • Engine Management Systems
  • Starters
  • Alternators
  • Components for Starters
  • Components for Alternators
  • Chassis
  1. (Axle Systems)
  2. (Chassis components)
  3. (Chassis systems)
  4. (Damping)
  • Driveline
  1. (Automatic Transmission)
  2. (Axle Drives)
  3. (Driveline components)



The heavy duty spare covers a very broad range and we would be supporting the Construction industries, Oil & Gas and heavy duty related industry applications.


The trade platform shall support our business and a network of industrial spares provider in conjunction with OEMs to ensure accessibility to products electronically.