We are a company born out of a Great Vision. The organization operates from three (3) perspectives comprising: Procurement services, Engineering services and Consulting. We have the right competence, knowledge, experience, international exposure and a total understanding of the local challenges to be solved.

The focus is to enhance innovation for growth, through the application of the right technology and tools. Our slogan is INNOVATION FOR GROWTH. The products to be offered are classified as procurement spares or supply spares. The spares are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) replacement spares for machinery within the manufacturing industries, Heavy – Duty or Heavy Equipment spares for construction industry, Oil & gas and the Automotive spares cutting across cars, trucks, trailers and buses.

JOEGEMLARGS concept is novel and provides an organized / standard platform that conforms to European Standard. The idea is to have a ONE STOP MALL housing all OEMs’ brands for the various products comprising: Automotive, Industrial (manufacturing), Heavy – Duty, Oil & gas and Construction etc. This will allow a walk in customer to have access to products on the spot based on need while providing the right and adequate support to manufacturing industries operations.